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chEARmusic is owned and run by Eric Bichao. Eric has been involved with music production since when his brother, Johnny B, became a Disc Jockey and opened his own production studio. Eric used to assist his brother with remixes for labels such as Ultimix, X-Mix, MegaMix, and Crazy Cuts, to name a few. Johnny B also used to produce competition music for the Northeastern University Cheerleaders. Around that same time Eric was starting his cheerleading career at UMass Dartmouth, where he also produced his very first cheerleading mix by creating his squads halftime music segment. Since then, Eric has been using his musical knowledge to produce cheerleading mixes for teams all over New England, including cheerleading mixes for numerous National and State Champions.

Eric is also a highly regarded coach and choreographer. While attending UMass Dartmouth, Eric volunteered his time to assist his college coach with her High School squad at Fairhaven, MA. During his time there Fairhaven High School was the South Coast Conference champions both years, and went on to become the Massachusetts State Champions. After finishing college, Eric pursued his coaching career in his hometown of Gloucester. Eric became a Head Coach for Gloucester High School and choreographed their routine. That year, Gloucester won the Northeastern Conference competition after finishing last in its ten-team league the year prior.

Since then, Gloucester has won numerous competitions, including additional Conference Championships, and eleven Massachusetts State Championships. Gloucester has also gone on to compete at the National level, and winning the school's first National Championships and the school's first New Enlgand title.

Eric has been involved with cheerleading for many years and he has experience in all areas: performing, coaching, choreographing, instructing, judging, and producing music. During that time Eric has built a strong relationship with other members of the cheerleading community which has provided chEARmusic with an almost unlimited supply of resources. If something seems too tall of a task, chEARmusic will bring in a specialist to assist with the project.

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