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A list of All-Star teams that we have provided chEARmusic service:

5 Star Elite (MA)
American (MA)
Bay State (MA)
Boston (MA)
Cheer Excitement (MA)
Cheer Factor (MA)
Diesel (MA)
East Elite (MA)
Fantasy (MA)
Flip City (MA)
J&D Dance Academy (MA)
Magic Dragon (MA)
Metro West (MA)
MMC Cougars (MA)
Montachusett (MA)
North Shore Cheer Xplosion (MA)
Northeast (MA)
Premier Spirit Athletics (MA)
Select (MA)
Sparks (MA)

Spirit Central (MA)
Star Tyme (MA)
Yellow Jackets (MA)
Cheer Xplosion (AL)
Evolution (CA)
Central Valley (CT)
USA Wildcats (CT)
Winingers (CT)
All Sports Spirit (FL)
Cheer Like This (FL)
Dynasty Elite (FL)
Gulf Coast Storm (FL)
Extreme Outlawz (IL)
Thunder (IL)
Hot Topic (MD)
Xtreme (MD)
Las Vegas Elements (NV)
Diamond (NH)
eXtreem (NH)
Flipz (NH)

Glitz (NH)
Premier (NY)
Rochester Elite (NY)
Storm Elite Cyclones (NY)
Victors Cheer Elite (NY)
Lake Erie Ultimate (OH)
Champion Cheer Athletics (OR)
Arcadia (PA)
Force Athletics (PA)
Penn Elite (PA)
Texas Gems (TX)

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