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To place an order for a custom mix...

First you need to decide whether you are going to (A) do your choreography first and then have the music match your routine (most common) or (B) get your music done first and then choreograph your routine to the music. In either case you will need a list of 15 to 20 songs that you would like to use, and if possible, match each song with a section of the routine. For example - "Bad" by Michael Jackson for the dance. If you decide on option (A) you need to use 8-count sheets to map your routine. This will ensure that all of your music selections and sound effects fit with your choreography. You can also submit a video (VHS or DVD) which are helpful, but not required. (All videos are viewed by chEARmusic staff only for the sole purpose of producing your customized music - no other persons will ever see the video). We will email a rough draft of your music where you can request changes (if needed) to make sure that your music is done the way that you want. We will keep making revisions until you are satisfied with mix.

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