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In order to ensure that your music matches your routine, we have provided 8-Count Sheets for you to download and print out. 8-Count Sheets are used to map your routine, matching the appropriate moves and sequences with the specific counts during the routine. We then take your 8-Count Sheets and match them to correspond with the music. Videos are also useful, as it is sometimes difficult to describe a dance for example.

We have provided two separate types of 8-Count Sheets for you to choose from. In our years of experience we have come to learn that some choreographers like to use 8-Count Sheets that are little different than what other choreographers might use. So we have created two different styles for you to download. chEARmusic can work with either one, so the preference is soley up to you.

Style 1 is a single sheet that lists up to 50 8-counts (and an intro). Not as much room to get descriptive, but there is no need for more than one sheet.

Style 2 is a sheet that lists up to 10 8-counts and gives much more room to get descriptive. Multiple sheets are needed since most routines are longer than 10 8-counts.

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