2012/4/2 - The 10th Annual James Speed Camp is scheduled for July 20-22, 2012. Sign up now!

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chEARmusic is not limited to music - we are experienced cheerleaders, coaches, and instructors who can provide you with the perfect service for your needs. From choreography to stunt clinics to gymnastic instructions, chEARmusic can do it all.

Choreography - a unique and innovative routine tailored to your squads skills, highlighting strengths and using illusions to hide weaknesses.

Stunt Clinic - a stunt session designed specifically for you - learn proper technique, new stunts, transitional sequences, dismounts, or just gain confidence and trust.

Gymnastic Instruction - a gymnastic session with drills and one-on-one spotting emphasizing proper technique to all levels (back-hand-springs to full twisting layouts).

Private Coaching - a practice session where we critique and give ideas to enhance and clean your routine.

Coaches' Clinic - a learning session for coaches to learn tips and the latest techniques on the topics of your choice.

Judging - we will come in to judge a tryout or a competition and provide our expertise to ensure the most accurate results.

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