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Choreography - a unique and innovative routine tailored to your squads skills, highlighting strengths and using illusions to hide weaknesses. See our choreography and music in action.

 Type# of 8-counts   Price* 
 Full Routine (Music/Cheer) with Custom Music  as many as needed  $2500 
 Full Routine (All Music) with Custom Musicas many as needed$2500 
 Full Routine (Music/Cheer) - no music includedas many as needed$2300 
 Full Routine (All Music) - no music includedas many as needed$2200 
 Dance4 to 5$600 
 Motions with Cheer Words2 to 3$500 
 Partner Stunt4 to 5$500 
 Pyramid4 to 5$500 
 Jump Sequence3 to 4$400 
 Opening2 to 3$400 
 Running Tumbling4 to 7$400 
* - Prices effective starting April 2009 (does NOT include travel/hotel accomodations)

Full routines require two full 8-hour days, usually a Saturday and/or a Sunday. Routine sections take about 2 to 4 hours, depending on what needs to be done.

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